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Web Store's are ideally suited for manufacturers, wholesalers and small to medium retailers wanting to improve their service and reaching a larger buying public.


The correct layout of your storefront is vital to reduce the number of clicks required by your customers to reach your product. It is important, as studies have shown, that users who cannot find what they are looking for quickly, will exit and choose the next available website on the search engine.

Ultra Fast Loading Times
Our Web Store's are built to run fast and effective over the internet due to its unique <html> coding and do not share resources with other Storefronts. ( Database Engine)

Import Existing Database or Store Contents
If you already have a spreadsheet of your inventory, or you can export your inventory items from an accounting application like Pastel, Quick Books or Brilliant we could use this data to import it into the Web Store.
For more information regarding import procedures contact our technical department.

NON-Web Based Administration
Our non-Web based administration allows you to edit your products without an Internet connection therefore saving telephone costs. There is no need to install special software and or plug-ins. Simply edit your customised excel spreadsheet whenever you require changes in your Web Store and we will do the rest.

Special Offers, New Products, Reduced Prices
On the entry page of the your Web Store you may display special offers and feature new products.

Set Volume Discounts
Encourage your clients to place larger orders by providing quantity discounts for bulk purchases.

Web Store can block orders from selected countries where instances of fraud are high. Numerous custom payment options are available to your clients. (i.e. Internet Bank Transfer, Account, COD & Credit Card) You are able to collect all relevant information on the credit card including the all important CVV code.

Shipping / Delivery Charges
The Web Store can calculate shipping costs in % of total order, weight or on a per item basis.

Product Search Engine
Your customers can search your entire inventory with our ultra fast product search feature. Visitors may take advantage of this feature but it is not uncommon that due to the misspelling of a product name or the incorrect entering of a part number that inaccuracy in the search may occur.

Internet Search Engine
Search Engine Optimization is the process of massaging web pages to rank highly in the search engines for specific keywords and phrases. Optimizing your online presents involves focusing your Web Store entry page on keywords pertaining to your products that people are looking for.  Your entry page is carefully designed to rank well in the top search engines for the target keywords, thereby driving high-value traffic to your site.

Automated Order Confirmation
The Web Store automatically confirms the submission of the order by directly e-mailing your customers.

Unlimited Parent & Sub Categories
You can have an unlimited number of Parent  and Sub categories, enabling effortless navigation of your online Web Store.

Product Thumbnails and Large Images
Our Web Store supports both, thumbnail and detailed product images. If you do not have any product pictures we can make arrangements to take them for you.
For more information please contact us.

Full SSL Support (secure site)
You can either choose to submit your clients credit card details by encrypted e-mail or use a shared security certificate at an optional extra. (https://)



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